Communication - Spreading out our blog posts / announcements

Good problem to have -> We’ve had a lot of great news and announcements recently. In order to make sure we don’t overshadow our own work, let’s coordinate a little better.

Specifically, I thought it was unfortunate that we had two blog posts on the same day as the Berlin Lab report. It was our first report, a pretty big deal, and would have been good to let that sink in a little. Our board loved it and forwarded it to others, but it would have made a good first post on the blog.

Of all of us @bekka probably has the best overview of announcements. I don’t want to create a complicated process (and I’m super happy that there is so much content on the blog), but maybe we just check in with Bekka before posting to make sure there isn’t something else in the pipeline.

Well, how about we always schedule a post for the next week and then give @bekka a heads up to change the date if she wants to. That way we can move on and feel the post is done without immediately posting it and overshadowing other posts or be overshadowed.

And sorry, I got anxious to get long overdue posts out.

We also have a messaging calendar, which is open, so if anyone wants to schedule something, you can just pop it in there.
I’ve updated it with the next lab report dates and the newsletter dates, so feel free to add your stuff there.

Also, I am happy to give posts the once-over, and then publish them under the author’s name in the blog. So:
post written ->saved as draft --> BK notified --> I check it, add tags/categories other metadata -->BK hits publish.

Creating a draft in Wordpress sounds like a good process. I would just ask that everyone add tags/categories metadata themselves. That’s an obvious thing to do when writing the post (Sheepishly makes mental note for himself)

For most posts that should do it. For longer posts, GDocs is a better place to get edits / feedback. Wordpress doesn’t let you track history or comment.