Codes of Ethics in Higher Education

Currently, there exists no international code or guidelines on ethical conduct for higher education institutions that articulates how, as institutions, they promote academic and scientific integrity and prevent academic dishonesty and unethical behaviour by actors and stakeholders that form the academic community.
During the IAU International Conference entitled “Ethics and Values in Higher Education in the Era of Globalization: What Role for the Disciplines?”, held at Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania, in November 2010, it was agreed that, together with the Magna Charta Observatory (MCO), IAU would examine the feasibility of developing an international code or set of guidelines concerned with ethical conduct of and in higher education.
The Joint IAU-MCO Working Group on Ethics in Higher Education was set up, consisting of representatives from IAU Member Institutions as well as the MCO. The first meeting was held during the Fourth Global Meeting of Associations (GMA IV) held in New Delhi, India on 13 April 2011 where it was decided to work on a set of guidelines for institutions wishing to put in place their own code of ethics.

Sounds interesting, reminds me of work that was done on learners rights:

I’d be interested in knowing more about this - is there a central website or blog?

you can find more at IAU (international association of universities) official web site

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it is about all stakeholders of higher education including learners