Class Photo: Fun Introduction Activity


Everyone shares a self-portrait when they introduce themself

Time: 5 - 10 minutes depending on the size of the group
Ideal size: 10-15+
Materials: Post-it notes, markers
Goal: To allow participants to introduce themselves and sets a playful tone for future group work.
Background: This activity is usually organized during the first meeting of a group of 5-15 people. It can also be used for large gatherings. The final “class photo” is a great artifact to display throughout a recurring event, conference or training workshop.


  1. Ask each participant to draw a self-portrait of themselves on a post-note using markers or pens. Ask also to include their name. Draw a simple example if needed.
  2. When participants introduce themselves to the larger group, ask everyone to present their self-portrait. In large events, self-portraits could also be created at a registration table.
  3. Every participant’s portrait is posted on a wall or flip-chart and titled ‘Class Photo’. Feel free to assemble portraits in an organized or disorganized way.

Example: Training workshop in with Uganda libraries in April 2018


Feel free to make a copy and adapt this activity to your group’s needs.