🌚 CANCELED: Wed Sep 16 2020 — UX Call: Learning Circle Reports


Hello! You’re invited to P2PU’s monthly UX call.

This group is a dedicated space for those interested in sharing their experience and ideas for the ongoing development of the P2PU platform.

In September, we will be discussing learning circle reports (example) and how we can create meaningful records of what happened during a learning circle.

See the agenda here.


Wednesday, September 16th from 12–1 PM ET (view in your timezone)


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Heads up—today’s UX call at 12 PM ET has been canceled. Sorry for the short notice!

We planned to talk about two topics:

  • Improving the learning circle meeting scheduler
  • Learning circle insight reports + telling stories about completed learning circles

We’d still love to get some community feedback about these topics and will be reaching out again for feedback in the coming weeks. If you have a few minutes to answer the following questions on either topic, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Scheduling learning circle meetings:

  • Is there anything that you find confusing or frustrating?
  • How often do you edit meetings after creating a learning circle? What are the most common cases for editing meetings?
  • Did the way you choose meeting dates/times change with online learning circles?

Learning circle insights (example report) and memories:

  • From a participant’s perspective: what information, knowledge, or stories would you want to have a record of once your learning circle has ended?
  • What questions would you ask a learner to understand how their educational experience went?
  • From an outside perspective: if you were interested in learning about or running a learning circle, what information would be helpful to see in an artifact?

We’ll see you next month on October 21st!

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