Can the group run the learning circle without me?

I have selected a course that runs 8 weeks, our annual staff day will be on one of our meeting dates close to the end of the course. How have other handled a situation like this? Do you rescheduled… or see if they can work on their own (if possible)?

Hi Jessica,

As long as the group can access the room without you, I would say either go forward without you, make sure to let people know in advance, and hopefully you can find someone from the group to step into the role. I think it is possible especially as it will not be the first few meetings and it will be later for the group.

Or, put the question to the group and let them know about the conflict to see if they want to change dates and times.

@Alexis_Burns have you encountered something like this before?

All of our locations will be closed… i will talk to the group. do you know for this particular course…The science of Happiness (edx) can they jump ahead ? sorry i haven’t done this one yet

I’m not sure Jessica, but usually people can jump ahead on most online courses.