Beyond the virtual learning circle: seeking recommendations for supporting learner connections after the learning circle

In our current learning circle, there are participants who are expressing interest in maintaining contact beyond the learning circle. Are there any recommendations on how organizations can provide options to those interested without committing to extend the circle itself or sacrificing privacy? My understanding is that this might happen organically with in-person lcs, with folks going for coffee, etc - how can we support this need to connect virtually?


You could invite people to send their contact information to individuals in the Chat area.

You could also ask who would like to volunteer to share their contact info with the whole group. Again, the chat area works well for this.

A third option would be to set up a breakout room for those who would like to arrange for continued contact and they can work it out for themselves. Anyone who doesn’t want to participate would stay in the main room.


Sometimes members of the same learning circle, whether virtual or in-person, use the same app. For example, many people use WhatsApp, Facebook, and TikTok. You could find out which apps learning circle members use and, if there is one that everyone or nearly everyone uses, you could point out that members who want to could say in touch between learning circle meetings using that app.