Badges: Project Plan

Project Plan: Badges

Trello board:

Budget: $100,000 USD

2012-2013: $100,000

Project Team & Roles (who does what)

  • @Vanessa-Product Manager: wireframing, Assessment Design, copywriting, feature design, community-building and outreach, research

  • @Erika Tech: Tech development, site design, manage Trello board

  • @dirk Tech Lead: prioritize features

Milestones (dates & deliverables)

  • July 1-30: Test with users, initiative to create 30 Badges during July
  • August 15: Product report with changes submitted by @Vanessa, prioritized with @dirk and @Erika
  • September 15: Sprint 4 complete

Next step(s)

@Vanessa: outreach to National Writing Project, Open Tech School, How Do, School of Open
@Erika resolve bugs as they come in
@Vanessa: collect and collate feedback into Product report
@Erika and @dirk prioritize and implement

Hey @vanessa - This looks great. The only comment I have is to focus on DML only (I went ahead and took out the Hewlett budget - didn’t change anything else).