Badge Wireframes

Hey y’all:

Here are two approaches to adding a Badge to a course. Would love red-yellow-green feedback from all of you, especially @1L2P @bekka as well as @dirk and @Erika for technical feasibility. My email notifications have been wonky, so I’ll ping you on email to let you know it’s up here.

WRT tech: it won’t be a mayor feat to add badges as part of normal content if we use an iframe. The work will be on badges side, unless we want something more.


  • I like the UX to add a badge to the course, will help people who doesn’t already know about badges and make integration easier
  • search looks good!
  • always good to learn about frankenstein. Read the actual book recently and it’s very different from the popular image of him


  • sorry if I’m being a little thick, but I don’t completely understand “Option 1” and “Option 2”?

A darker shade of Yellow with a slight tint of red:

  • I’m concerned that all the features goes beyond the 1 week we planned for integration. What’s the essential parts that we can do in 1 week without shooting ourselves in the foot now?