Are there editing options for feedback survey?


Is there an option for facilitators to add questions to the feedback survey? For example, I’m trying to get a handle on what marketing is working and how people hear about the learning circles in our community. I’d like for the survey to reflect certain metrics so that we can improve on our end.

If that’s a feature that can be added in the future, that would be fantastic!


Hi Violetta! Currently, there is no way to customize the automated feedback surveys.

If you want to use P2PU’s tools for this, you can add a custom sign-up question for your learning circle which could support getting marketing feedback up front. Some facilitators will also make their own surveys and either send them to participants via email or spend a few minutes during the last session filling them out.

I’ll add your request to our list of feature suggestions, and we’ll see what we can do about allowing customizations for closing surveys!