Adult basic skills, including basic literacy, ABE, ASE, high school equivalency prep, and ESL/ESOL

This is a community for everyone who has offered, will be offering soon, or hopes to offer learning circles for adult basic skills learners. These could be ESL/ESOL, digital literacy. “app to speed,” high school equivalency prep, U.S. Citizenship prep, or others. Here you can pose questions and, hopefully get answers, connect with other facilitators of adult basic skills learning circles, and learn about resources for adult basic skills learning circles.

When you join, please introduce yourself. Tell us your: name, organization program or school, city/town and state, and your experience with and/or interest in learning circles. Tell us what you hope this group might do – for you, your colleagues and others – and anything else you’d like us to know.

David J. Rosen

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