Adopting Open Textbooks in Higher Ed workshop

Hi. My name is Clint Lalonde and I am the Sr. Manager of Open Education at BCcampus in British Columbia, Canada. For the past 2 years, we have been working on an open textbook project encouraging faculty at universities and colleges in BC to adopt, adapt and create open textbooks.

Last year we ran a Moodle based 4 week Adopting Open Textbooks course. We are looking to offer it again in January.

We have the course completed in Moodle, but after attending OpenEd in Washington a few weeks back and seeing a presentation about the School of Open and P2Pu, we would like to see if we could shift the course over here and offer it thru P2Pu.

A description of the course is on our OpenEd website. We have been taking registration and have about 40 participants signed up for the course already.

Our primary audience is faculty in our province, but we are, of course, open to anyone participating in the course.

Is this something that the P2Pu community might be interested in working with us on? We are scheduled to start in mid-January, so I hope that with the holiday season there is enough time to make something happen, if there is community interest.


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Hi all:

I’m working with BC Campus this year and suggested we pitch this course to the community. I just remembered that we have a list of things to do to get a course reviewed, here:

So should we just post a link to our course and request review?


Thanks Christina. Should we build the course first in P2Pu and then request a review? I’ve read the documentation, but am a bit fuzzy as to what the next steps are to actually start building (or, in our case) migrating a course from Moodle and then have it go thru the P2P review process. Appreciate your help.

I think we can get a review of the course where it is, and then once we get suggestions we can implement them while migrating over. but this requires that we allow reviewers into the Moodle site. I’m assuming that’s possible/easy?

I’ve emailed Jane Park who is the lead for the School of Open, and let her know of this thread because she may have missed it or been too busy with other things…but we do need to move forward as soon as we can!

Hey everyone! No need to put the course on P2PU. Feel free to review the course as is on the BC platform - as long as it is openly available under a CC BY-SA or more open license.

We should also get a post about it up on the SOO blog: @clintlalonde - i can invite you to be a blog contributor if you would like to draft that directly!

Is the link above the best place to review the course currently?

Hi Jane,

We have moved the course over to P2Pu. It required heavy modifications from the original as so much has changed since we first offered the course over a year ago and have some much better resources. I would love it if there might be a review of the course (recognizing we are heading into the holidays). We are still tweaking bits and pieces (the badging isn’t done yet as our designer is developing the badges), but would love to hear feedback.

The course is at


Hi Clint! Just returning from the holidays. I can review this week if you’re still taking feedback!

Yeah, it would be great if you had time to take a look. Thanks!

Hi Clint,

Given our shift in focus to community-created and driven courses going forward (see 2014 EOY post), I have listed some suggestions regarding the CC-related pieces (given my expertise :smile:). While those are incorporated, I can invite you as a contributor to the SOO blog so you can create a post highlighting the course. Then we can further help spread the word via social media. Send your email to janepark at creativecommons dot org and I’ll give you permissions!

Hope these suggestions are helpful.


Jane, those are fantastic suggestions. I am making the changes now. Thanks for catching the CC wording snafu. Not sure how that snuck by us.