About the School of Open category

To discuss all things related to School of Open and openness.

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Awesome! I think that’s right… unless others + @Vanessa have thoughts?

I think this is a top level category (own color) and would call it School of Open if that’s what it’s about. I don’t think we need a category to discuss the “open” questions at P2PU. We can do that in learning, org, or tech - depending on the nature of the discussion. I’d rather we give School of Open a real home here. This feels like a fold-out couch under the stairs. :slight_smile:

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This has already been created. Do others have thoughts? Or should we just go with it for now. If we want to change it, need to do it before the new website + other announcement likely tomorrow so I can change up links.

If @jane would like it, then I prefer to give SOO its own space. It deserves it!
And even questions and discussions about openness within P2PU can “go trough” SOO conversations.

I changed it:

The link is now > http://thepeople.p2pu.org/category/school-of-open

School of Open shows up as a top level category on the categories page, making it easier to find > http://thepeople.p2pu.org/categories

Agree with @1L2P–open is woven throughout everything we do.

great! thanks, will change links on the new site

Hey @jane - I wonder how discourse is working out for your community.

Doesn’t really seem to be taking off… most of my interaction is still with folks over email! In fact, we were just like, we should create an SOO Africa group or something – until we realized we already had an SOO google group we could already use… but that we’ve told people not to use…

Had a great discussion with P2PU staff a couple weeks ago and we were talking about transforming much of the current SOO site into a support space for SOO program leads, which would include resources and some sort of ability to share/discuss. I still think discourse has potential, but I think it would need to be more seamlessly (user-side anyway) integrated into the one spot we send people.