🌚 2017 Community Calls

Here are the links to three P2PU community calls from 2017:

Learning Circles for English Language Learners
Manny Reynoso from the Notre Dame Education Center in Boston shares how he has been using learning circles for the past year to support English language learners in advance of joining formal classes.

Learning Circles for Citizenship
Sherry Lehane, Training Specialist with the Providence Public Library in Rhode Island, discussed her work developing “Citizenship Circles” where she uses learning circles to prepare learners for US citizenship while they also learn about history, government, and American customs.

Learning Circles for Digital Inclusion
Wendy Pearson, Digital Inclusion Fellow from the Kansas City Public Library discussed her approach to running learning circles focused on digital literacy and shared some of her best practices for starting learning circles.

P2PU Community Calls from 2013-14 (pre-learning circles) can also be found on YouTube.