Welcome to the School of Open: Introduce yourself!


Hi I am Felix Arokiyaraj. I am from India. I am working as a faculty in educational technology and multimedia. I am teaching Instructional Technology to Teachers of Polytechnic Level. Basically I am a Teacher Trainer. Thanks!


Welcome Felix! Some relevant resources for teachers are at http://schoolofopen.p2pu.org/courses/.


Hello Everyone!

I’m Natalie, and over the past few months I’ve been helping create an online course on Open Internet that we want to launch in Spanish via SOO.

I’m currently adding some of the original English language content to the course in a box template on github, and will keep you all updated when our material is there so we can go through the SOO review process. I’ve met some of you via email, so it’s nice to meet the whole group!


Welcome Natalie! Looking forward to taking a look at the draft when ready.


Hello. I’m Peter and I’m a father of three humans. We live in the United States of America.
I’ve documented for my fellow Americans why we have the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution:
at http://petergraceonline.com

I’m happy to contribute. I use Creative Commons a lot.

Hello to my fellow humans here.


Welcome Peter! We hope you peruse the resources at http://schoolofopen.org and find them useful


hello, m Stephen from Makerere University doing Computer science…i want to learn the java language and coding skills in general


Hi I’m Aaron from Australia. I’m an Primary/Secondary educator and I am interested in how we can create ‘smarter’ rooms and a greater culture of sharing in schools and education as a whole. I was led to this forum by @laura after some discussion about Creative Commons and copyright etc …


Hi @Aaron. I don’t know if this is exactly what you mean with ‘smarter rooms’, but worth a look in any case:


Welcome here!


Hello! I’m James, a college student, from China. I knew the website, through by my uncle. I want to improve my English reading and learning. I want to learn more knowledge. Uh…Nothing to say.


Hi my name is Neta Graham I am 47 year in live Florien la i am a capricorn i was born and raise in Texas.


My Name is Akin-Awokoya Emmanuel, I am from Nigeria but starting a childhood in Chad and speak French and English. I have a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering but recently switched to become a Data scientist. I learn everything I know in computing using free videos or “shared” videos of colleagues ranging from programming, video editing, wordprocessing, web design to data science using MOOC. I feel knowledge should be open and shared. I have interest in TVwhitespace. We are now telling operators in our country that we need more broadband access and this could best be achieve if they learn to do infrastructure sharing, and collocation.
TVwhitespace technology can only survive on openness and sharing.
I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful community. I would be sharing my knowledge on how > TVwhitespace: the technology that would help connect the next 1 Billion Africa depends on OPENNESS AND SHARING.


Please, allow me to introduce myself, I teach History to secondary and high school students in Brazil. I also have a master’s degree on Education in the Methodist University of Sao Paulo and a graduation degree on Instructional Design in the Federal University of Itajuba.
I would like to help offering my drawings to illustrate courses.
Thank you!


Please could you share the link to the github so I could have a pick at it. I am doing something with French and other Nigerian Languages.


I think this was the GitHub repo for her course: https://github.com/ngreen14/course-in-a-box