Want us in your town?

We’ve been around for a while in the online learning world, but this year we’ve decided to focus on helping face to face study groups taking online courses meet and learn at the library. We’re calling these study groups Learning Circles. You can read more about the learning circles on our blog.

We’ve kicked off a pilot program in Chicago and we’re hoping to branch out to other cities.

You can get involved in several ways!

  • Tell us where (city, country) you would like a learning circle and why.
  • Suggest good online courses that you would like to see a learning circle for.
  • Help us reach out to communities in your area that can benefit from doing online courses together.
  • Volunteer to facilitate a study group.

Reply here with your suggestions and questions.


Hello! I think this is a fantastic idea, and something I have wanted to explore for awhile in my quest of non-traditional thinking and learning when it comes to education.

  • I am in Indianapolis, IN. I organize a learning community called Trade School. We organize classes to the public in exchange for barter items. No money is ever exchanged in our classrooms.
  • We promote open-source software, and I am constantly on the search for people who are interested in getting together in learning groups to learn coding together. I would also love to see languages and arts like calligraphy, learning instruments, journalism, and maybe even improv comedy!
  • I think this would be a great way to partner with Trade School. We have over 30 chapters around the world. In Indianapolis, we have an open community space that we could organize these learning circles in. We also have access to our public libraries in Indianapolis that we could work with!
  • We would definitely volunteer to facilitate these learning circles.

You can read more about us at http://tradeschool.coop/Indianapolis! My email is Indianapolis@tradeschool.coop as well.



Hey @brittanywest - TradeSchool sounds really cool! What courses have you run in the past?

We haven’t settled on a final list of courses that we are using for our next round of Learning Circles, so if you have any suggestions of good existing courses, I’m sure @grif would appreciate it.

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Is this still an active proposition, even though the last reply to this topic is now over 400 days old? I would love to begin Learning Circles in Salt Lake City, Utah, through the Salt Lake City Public Library! I am proposing to our library managers tomorrow the idea of beginning a staff pilot Learning Circle in April, on the subject of Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills. We’ve loved hearing about the 2015 pilot program in Chicago, and the November, 2016 Learning Circles in Kansas City. We are hoping to join this great nationwide trend!

Hi @ElaineStehel - yes it is still an active proposition, but this forum isn’t that active anymore :slight_smile: Introduce yourself on the mailing list: https://groups.google.com/a/p2pu.org/forum/#!forum/community or send us a mail at thepeople@p2pu.org.

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