News Literacy with Checkology

Hi, everyone,
I’m working with two colleagues to try a new Learning Circle about news literacy. We’re using Checkology, a free platform from the News Literacy Project.


Hi Jessica.

This is very exciting. Can you tell us more about the context?

  • Is this with schoolchildren or adults?
  • Through a library? A school? an adult education program a college or university?
  • Is this Local? National?
  • How are you organizing the learning circle meetings? (virtual or in-person?)
  • Which Checkology lessons do you (plan to) use?

David Rosen

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Hi, David,
Thanks for your interest!

  1. This is meant for adults ages 18 and up.
  2. We’re hosting this as a free, virtual public library program.
  3. We’re based in San Jose, California, but due to the virtual nature of the Learning Circle, anyone from anywhere could join if the time works for them. We’ll meet from 5-6pm Pacific time.
  4. We’re organizing the meeting to be virtual on Zoom.
  5. We were considering using “InfoZones” or “Understanding Bias” for our first and only meeting on Feb. 17. If we get attendance and interest, we were thinking to add a few more weekly sessions and explore other lessons.
Thanks for the quick reply Jessica. I am considering offering a learning
circle with two or three synchronous meetings, with the same topics, using
Checkology, for adults and possibly high school students through my local
branch of the Boston Public Library. Would it be okay if I join your
learning circle to experience this as a participant before I offer mine in
Boston? If so, how do I sign up?



David J. Rosen

Hi, David,
I will inform my colleagues that you want to observe our session but I think that should be fine. This will be our first time using Checkology in a Learning Circle so it will be a learning experience for us too. You should be able to sign up through the P2PU site by finding our Learning Circle (it’s called “News Literacy with Checkology”) or I can add you if you have trouble registering. I also e-mailed and we set up a virtual meeting with one of their staff who works with Checkology and they gave us some ideas and tips for using Checkology to teach others. One takeaway from that and my own experience is to create an “Educator” account because if you create an “independent Learner” account, you won’t be able to go back and repeat a module after you complete it.

@David_Rosen I have confirmed with my colleagues that you can join our Learning Circle as a participant and observer. Please let me know if you need me to add you as a learner. Thanks!

Hi Jessica,

Thanks. I would like to experience this as a learner does.

Hi, David,
I will sign you up for the Learning Circle as we’ll be meeting tomorrow. I need to update the Zoom link as well so will do that shortly. Thanks again for your interest in joining as a participant!

Hello, everyone! Based on interest from our learners, my colleagues and I are extending this Learning Circle to meet for 4 more weeks on Wednesdays at 5pm Pacific time. Feel free to sign up and join us if interested. Thanks!

Update: We will try to meet one more time on Wednesday, March 3 at 5pm Pacific time.

Thanks for extending these welcomes to the community, Jessica! It sounds like this was a really valuable experience for the people involved. I’d be eager to read your thoughts on this learning circle and course material if you have some time to share them! :blush:

Hi, Becky,
Unfortunately, we didn’t have any learners attend last week but we’re going to try to meet once more next Wednesday. You can see Checkology’s materials and sign up for a free account at or (to register). If you are a teacher or someone who will be facilitating Checkology modules and needs to be able to repeat modules without saving progress, then it’s recommended that you sign up for an Educator account. Feel free to check out the News Literacy Project’s website or contact them through one of these options depending on your circumstances: They may be able to meet with you virtually and show you what Checkology is like and help you get started.

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