Meta category description

The place to discuss how Discourse is used by the P2PU community.

What about an “Org” category, where we discuss handling invoices, staff policies, all the boring legal stuff…

Wow - I didn’t even create this discussion. Discourse automatically made it after I made that first category… this is nice.

I wonder about the visibility of discussions - not sure how many options we have here / if all posts are public.

I think public and open are the default (and good). Rather than trying to create private spaces here, I would prefer to keep private discussions in email or elsewhere. Making discourse support private seems counter-productive (and confusing).

I edited the topic, because I noticed that discourse takes the first topic that is created as its default description for the category. When you create a new topic and select the category from the drop-down, it shows you the content from this post, which is confusing. I’ll go ahead and do the same for the other categories.