Mac OS X Client Server - Open Source Software (Eduardo Bonsi)

What recommendations do you have for other facilitators who are using "Mac OS X Client Server - Open Source Software"? Consider sharing additional resources you found helpful, activities that worked particularly well, and some reflections on who this course is best suited for. For more information, see this course on P2PU’s course page.

This course can be accessed both online and at the course’s location. Therefore, anyone can follow the course’s development from any part of the world with a computer and an internet connection at their own pace.

All open source software recommendation for this course can be found on the Internet Society site through this link;

Mac OS X Client Server - Open Source Software


Please take your time to open a free account with the Internet Society before accessing the link. Once you are in, go to the member’s area and type my name so we can connect!

Internet Society | Member’s Area Search Link:

Notice to all: To get our Learning Circles going, I sign up a physical address because of the signup requirements on the web form. However, make a note that our Course has been going on Line through Google Class Room and Hangout. To make the story short, remember,

the Course is online!

Please, never show up at the location! Nothing is happening there in that direction. I have submitted a proposal to the Healdsburg Library but I have not heard from them yet. If that won’t materialize in 3 weeks from now, I have lined up another location that will work. I am saying that because I think we should also offer our Course at a physical location. That’s is what is coming for our future!

Hello everyone,

We will be facilitating this course Tomorrow online for the ones that signed up. The course will be on air at the Google Class Room and we will also be accessing the Google Hangout feature.

The Classroom URL is;

My email of contact for the course is

Since most of the participants are from West Africa, we will start the course at a reasonable time zone. I will start here in California at 10:30 AM and they will be starting in West Africa at 18:30 or 6:30 PM. See you tomorrow!

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Happy Friday to everyone,

We had our first Learning Circle meeting class online Yesterday through Google Classroom and the Google Hangout chat line. Most of the participants that sign up for our course are located on the other side of the Continent :earth_africa: and in Different Time Zones.

Therefore, we still working out a way to sync our class through the timezone. Even with these differences, I got to talk to two participants and I was able to send them the first instructional material.

Realizing our out of sync issue on the timezone, I recorded some instructional videos and posted them on Youtube and the links were sent to them. This way everybody that was participating; independently of the timezone; will be able to access the information at anytime and that is how we overcame our timezone limitations. These instructional videos are private and only those that signup to the class can see it.

Things are just going to get better from here! :smiley:

:writing_hand: Note: If anyone that is reading this post is interested in this class, you can still signup at anytime here at Peer2Peer University and Google Classroom to have access to the material.

Again, after you signup to the course here at Peer2Peer University, you must signup with Google for an email Gmail account and from there contact me, I will make sure to give you the necessary info so you will be up to date in the course.

Have a great weekend! :beach_umbrella:

Sir ,

I had reached till here , I could not found survey link.

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Satish, Thanks for reaching out! First, welcome to the P2PU Community Forum!

Here is the link to the Survey,

Share your feedback here:


This Course is currently being developed using the Course-in-a-Box program. Here is the URL for those that are interested to follow it’s development on Github.

Hello everyone!

Today I received an email from Learning Circles title: “How are your learning circle going?”

I can tell you that finally our Course at is taking shape and is ready for your questions.

You can raise your questions in any of the Sections of the Course but the Sections that I encourage you to read and raise your questions are by order:

Section 3:
Section 4:
Section: 7
Section 8:
Section 9:
Section 10:

These are key Sections with enough information for you to build your Mac OSX Server.

Questions? I am sure you have some and I encourage you to post your question here so others can learn from it!

Ps: I am still working on the typesetting and polishing all the Sections. So, be aware that things can change a bit. Thanks for your patience!