How To Talk About Race (Amrita S. Patel + Denise LaForce)

What recommendations do you have for other facilitators who are using "How To Talk About Race"? Consider sharing additional resources you found helpful, activities that worked particularly well, and some reflections on who this course is best suited for. For more information, see this course on P2PU’s course page.

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I’n new to this so I have some questions. Is there a group I can join already? I’d like to be a participant in a group like this How would I find out the procedure to join specific groups?

Hi Diane, welcome!

Since this course just launched, there aren’t any existing groups running yet. The best way to participate in one soon would be to run it yourself for your peers or local community—check out our Facilitate page for tips on how to get started. The course is set up to make facilitation easy and includes instructions/prompts for each activity, so you should be able to navigate through the materials without much extra prep work.

If you’d prefer to just participate rather than run the group, keep an eye on this page to see when learning circles using this course are available for sign-up.

Glad to have you here! Feel free to reply in this thread or email if you have any other questions about getting started with learning circles. :smiley:

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