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Hi Daniel,

Welcome to our Community! Yes, I would be interested in talk and share issues with you about cyberSecurity. A great number of the information out there on the internet is mostly “hype info” and not technical preventive material. I read about those articles and I feel just teased in the end. There is no real technical information that points to a preventive solution. I manage several servers and yes, I do monitor the logs every day and the breach in attempts from malicious hackers and well-known characters that thinks my server is just their subject of bot testing is happening daily. There is some open-source software out there to prevent these types of actions. Let’s talk more about the issue and exchange some knowledge.

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Hi Eduardo

Thanks for the reply, yes I get what you are saying and pretty much every bit is true. total hype in the name of cybersecurity, IoT and AI/ML/DL etc.

I am happy to discuss these and any such technology and digital/cyber related issues and lookign forward to more interactions and learning.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the reply, as of now there are not many open source courses that I know of in cybersecurity which have any real impact in terms of learning and outcomes. But I am happy to discuss further about this, as Cybersecurity as a whole is comprised of the below 10 domains

  • Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Engineering
  • Framework & Standards
  • Project Management
  • Security Operations
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Physical Security
  • User Education & Reinforcement
  • Career Development

and thus one has to learn and work all those sub domains to come to a level of understanding and to be able to call themselves a cybersecurity professional. but unfortunately today many ppl write scripts and call themselves CybSec Ninjas. Many have never held or mounted a firewall in their entire work life, hence the knowledge gap in the workforce, but colleges and universities are churning out tons of InfoSec Ninjas with CISSP, OSCE, CEH etc and dumping them without work.

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This list of MOOCs isn’t bad:

Will check this link out, i have not been much on coursera thou, mainly i use udemy, pluralsight and linkedin.

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Cybrary is my go to for cyber security courses - rigorous, robust and current. And I love that the majority of their courses and webinars are free, they just charge for exams.

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