Categories -- do we like them?

You’ll see that I did a bunch of re-arranging with the categories. What do you think? @dirk @NicoKoenig ?

  • Organization is the org-wide discussion place, with a sub-category on how to build a community in your neighborhood, which is where we can put the resourced aim at running training workshops, getting volunteers involved, etc. You’ll note that I brought the long introduction thread from 2013 into this category incase we want to keep using it.
  • Learning Circles is the nuts and bolts. I figured better to group everything here as subcategories rather than separately.
  • Tech and Testimony were two other things I felt comfortable separating into their own categories at this point. (Maybe there is a better word for testimony?)
  • Dirk and I decided to keep Recommended Reading and Meta, and we put all other old things into Archive.