Topics for Future Calls?

Agendas and info for all upcoming P2PU calls and events.

Upcoming calls are highlighted by a full moon (:full_moon_with_face:) and past calls are commemorated with a new moon (:new_moon_with_face:).

In 2020, we are hosting three calls per month:

  • Community Calls on the first Wednesday of the month
  • Facilitation Calls on the second Wednesday of the month
  • UX Working Group Calls on the third Wednesday of the month

Do you have an idea for a future topic for any of these calls? Reply to this thread!

We’ve hosted over 20 calls in the past two years which have helped shape our collective work. Through these calls, we have:

Our topics are always shaped by the interests and needs of our community. A few topics we’ve heard interest from in recently: learning circles in Europe, how to organize learning circle teams, and supporting digital literacy efforts during the pandemic.

What topic interests you right now? Is there something you would like to present, share, or work on with the rest of us?

One discussion topic I’m interested in that relates to pandemic response:

How are different facilities are approaching educational programming as they begin transitioning back to in-person offerings in their spaces. Are they sticking with online? Limited numbers in person? Mix of both?

@Daniel_Hensley and I were talking recently about spreading learning circles beyond libraries and creating new forms of public education across Pittsburgh. I know that ZLB in Berlin is also interested in this topic, so it could make a good upcoming community call topic!