Strategic Planning for Public Libraries (University of Michigan)

What recommendations do you have for other facilitators who are using "Strategic Planning for Public Libraries"? Consider sharing additional resources you found helpful, activities that worked particularly well, and some reflections on who this course is best suited for. For more information, see this course on P2PU’s course page.

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Mothers used to come with their babies and they were eager to learn new knowledge that could help them find jobs to support their families.

About how many people showed up for the first meeting?

About how many people showed up for the second meeting?

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Because some learners were slow and we did not have a projector to demonstrate some concepts, so it was troublesome to the facilitator to move more one PC to the other to provide some assistance. and some learners were using the computer for the first time!

How likely are you to recommend facilitating a learning circle to a friend or colleague?

Because learning circles helps learners to get more skills from their peers and it saves time and resources

Strategic Planning for Public Libraries

My goal is to learn how to meet the needs of the Library users