Milledgeville Public Library - Learning Circle Feedback

Hello Everyone!!!

I am the evaluation partner for P2PU and their Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) study of which the Milledgeville Public Libraries are a part. I will be collecting and analyzing learner data as well as other information about Milledgeville and five other library systems throughout the country that are participating in the study. Our goal is to determine how well Learning Circles (LCs) work in various environments with an effort to design support systems which further the success of LCs. Overall, the Learning Circle model was developed for public library systems to increase the likelihood of success in online educational formats for those without college degrees.

Your input is key!! Please share the successes, challenges and opportunities of your experiences with Learning Circles. Suggested topics include a wide array of areas including technology, curriculum, personalities, barriers and sources of personal motivation.

What types of experiences did you find most challenging or rewarding?
Has the branch size, location or demographic you serve impact the success of your Learning Circles?

Are there special considerations for marketing Learning Circles in more rural areas that you can share with others?

Would you be interested in connecting with facilitators from other cities participating in the IMLS study that initially had start-up problems and now have two or more successful iterations of LCs under their belt?