Creative ways to gather survey data


Aside from conducting interview, there are a few other ways we can conduct background research.

I was thinking specifically about the technique that our colleagues in Cologne have already used to figure out what library patrons are interested in learning, using the Q Method (you can read more about this method here).

In this case, Cologne has printed out forms with a number of different courses, and asked library patrons to put stickers on the topics that interest them. After a few weeks, they have a good sense of what topics people would like to learn. Here is a photo:


Perhaps we could use similar techniques to gauge patron feedback around some of the research questions. I’m thinking particularly of questions like:

  • What methods of learning do adults opt for and why?
  • What motivated adults to learn?
  • Why do adults opt for / opt against online learning?

We could come up with some pre-selected topics, or develop a fill in the blank type activity, where people can write their responses.

This could be a nice supplement to the interview-based research, and is something that P2PU could help partners design and develop if they are interested.