An Orientation Message About the OS X Server Course Companion App

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Hello, to those that sign-up to my course, I have been looking for places to host the course, since I cannot host the course on my server because of bandwidth issues.

So, here is the report and I want to share that with you.

The first Module of the Course | Introduction has already been done at OER. OER stands by Open Educational Resources and the text of the Introduction is almost ready to go.

OER has an editor that is not that flexible neither very easy to layout the course the way I would like to do. The table feature is very static and buggy. There is no way to select the table to change its layout neither one can delete it if is not desirable at the course’s field. Besides, the table does not align to the “center” even hard specifying Table Align=“Center” at the time of the table’s creation. So, one is stuck with running text and pictures on the center, besides one cannot access the source code of the editor to edit the code. It is ok, I am not complaining about it but I think the editor has lots of room to improve when they decide to give us more access to layout and design.

I also can use the Internet Society Editor. It is very good and flexible. I also could use our discourse forum. Why not? However, I do not want to clog out the forum with our Course. Besides, I want to have a distinctive URL address you can access today, tomorrow or whenever time you choose.

On top of that, as I said, I have been researching for a course media companion app.

I think that, for more that I do not like proprietary software, our best media companion choice is going to be Google Hangouts. Google Hangout is secure and no one need to give much information to hang together in a group.


I suppose most of you know Google Hangouts. We can add the course’s Introduction with Google Hangouts.


Google Class Room can only be activated if one gets some extra information from their School and maybe I will try that later. However, for media, we can do everything with google Hangout.

The other app we could access is Signal! I am not sure if you guys heard about Signal. “Signal” is open source and very similar to WhatsApp and allow us to set up a group call or video conversation.


Check that out,

So, let’s vote and let me know what you guys prefer? Just put your name and the app in front of it like this;


“Yourname”: I am choosing Google Hangout


By the way, my hangout email is “[wordmoder]+[]” Remove the curly braces and substitute the plus sign with an @. Type that in your search field and send me an invitation to connect so I can include you in my address book.

Obs: You don’t need to participate in the hangout. You can just read the introduction and survive with that but would be fun for you to see how my servers are set up at home. I will be giving a little tour and talk about it.

Any questions? Send me a message!

See you soon!