American Sign Language in the Workplace (Saint Paul Public Library)

What recommendations do you have for other facilitators who are using "American Sign Language in the Workplace"? Consider sharing additional resources you found helpful, activities that worked particularly well, and some reflections on who this course is best suited for. For more information, see this course on P2PU’s course page.

The course American Sign Language in the Workplace received a 2 star rating from a facilitator!

Did anything about the learning circle surprise you?
The first session was a disaster! Technological issues were a surprise- we used jitsi- attendees had sound and mic issues. The flow of the class virtually wasn’t the same as in person. I over-prepped, but then didn’t use anything or facilitate well in the class in the first session. However, the other 5 sessions were astounding successes. Once the tech issues were figured out, I used two laptops to facilitate, I had a colleague co-facilitate as well (helping with tech probs), and I was more engaged as a facilitator in general. I created a plan (videos, links, etc), but I also used feedback to adjust and plan for next sessions.

Do you have any stories from the learning circle you want to share with the P2PU community?
The group and myself formed a really great relationship- everyone was kind, empathetic, eager and willing to learn from and teach each other. We had fantastic conversations- often sparked by the icebreakers that got people out of their shells. This was such a success that the group is interested in continuing to meet to learn ASL together.

About how many people showed up for the first meeting?

About how many people showed up for the second meeting?

About how many people showed up for the last meeting?

How well did the online course work as a learning circle?

Why did you give the course 2 star(s)?
SignSchool is not easy to facilitate in a virtual environment. We used signschool on our own, but learned from watching youtube videos together during the sessions.

How likely are you to recommend facilitating a learning circle to a friend or colleague?

As a facilitator and learner in this course, I enjoyed it so much. The group was wonderful and it was the perfect behavioral setting for us to get together and learn in a supportive environment.